We, VIETNAM NIPPON STEEL PIPE COMPANY LIMITED (VNSP) began operating in 1997. From June - 2019, we have changed our current trade name from Vietnam Steel Products, Ltd. (VSP), taking a bold new step forward as one of manufacturers of welded steel pipes responsible for the electric resistance-welded pipe business of the NIPPON STEEL and NIPPON STEEL PIPE Group.

Over more than two decades since our founding, our company has built up good reputation and supplied high-quality electric resistance-welded pipes mainly for motorcycle industry.

In the future, through collaboration with other affiliate Companies in NIPPON STEEL and NIPPON STEEL PIPE Group and effective use of its business resources, we will accelerate the development of new technologies aimed at meeting demands for higher strength, lighter weight, and other improvements to electric resistance-welded pipes. We will also work to further improve the level of customer satisfaction through our broad product lineup, quality control, and other advantages.

In order to increase the trust placed in us by all our valued customers, we will continue to give top priority to safety, dedicate ourselves to complete compliance and expand the internal control system.

We will continue to strive for continual growth and contributions to society as we rapidly respond to customer needs and supply high-quality products as a best manufacturer of welded steel pipes in Vietnam. We would like to ask for your continued support.

VNSP's Introduction Video Clip (made on the occation of Company's 20th Anniversary in 2017)

General information

Location Lots 29, 30, 31, 32 & 43, Noi Bai Industrial Zone, Quang Tien, Soc Son, Ha Noi, Vietnam
Establishment 25 th June 1997
Charter Capital USD 3,500,000
Capacity 40,000 MT/year
Total Land Reservation 20,230 m2
Factory building: 9,760 m2

Factory 1 : 4,490 m2

Factory 2&3 : 5,270 m2




1. Promote social equity through business operations that are always grounded in fairness and openness.
2. Place the greatest value on trust and dependability.
3. Develop and grow together with our customers by providing products that are of benefit to society.
4. Maintain a progressive spirit and continually develop technologies that anticipate changes in the times.
5. Improve our international competitiveness as a global corporation by self-powered innovations and improvements, aiming to achieve lasting growth.
6. Give top priority to ensuring the safety of all employees
7. Create a corporate culture that is filled with vital energy and so that our employees can work together and learn from one another, experience the joy of work, and feel pride in themselves and their company.


Quality Certifications