NSSMC and Standard Steel Receive TTX “Excellent Supplier 2015” Award


NSSMC and Standard Steel Receive TTX “Excellent Supplier 2015” Award

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC) and Standard Steel LLC (SS) received the “Excellent Supplier 2015” award from TTX Company in the U.S.A. on June 20, 2016.

TTX is North America’s largest leasing company of railcars and has over 220,000 freight cars for use throughout North America. TTX is a large customer of railway wheels and axles supplied by NSSMC and SS. Every year TTX reviews suppliers’ performance including quality, cost, delivery, and service, and designates suppliers which score 90 or more points of 100 points as Excellent Suppliers. Both NSSMC and SS received the TTX Excellent Supplier 2015. This is the 10th time for NSSMC’s since its first award in 2004, and SS’s 25th consecutive award since the first year TTX made this award. Both NSSMC and SS were highly evaluated for their high quality and customer responsiveness, which resulted to them being selected for this year’s award.   

In North America, the recent increase in loading capacity of freight cars has increased the need for high-end wheels for high-load freight cars. NSSMC and SS were quick to develop such wheels and have obtained the Class D attestation, a standard for high load bearing adopted by the Association of American Railroads. Class D wheels are high-end wheels with a long service life and are excellent in terms of load bearing and resistance to wear, compared to the conventional Class C wheels. In particular, NSSMC’s Class D wheels have demonstrated outstanding performance in the improvement of service life, and have been highly regarded by customers in North America.

NSSMC and SS will continue to integrate their technologies, provide high-quality high-performance railway wheels in the North American market, and respond to needs of customers. Marketing efforts will also be extended to other markets having increasing need for wheels of high-load freight cars, such as South America and Australia.

From left: President Minobe, NSSMC, U.S.A.; Mr. Thomas F. Wells, President
and CEO, TTX; Mr. John M. Hilton, President and COO, SS

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